Roofing & Siding


Leveraging 30+ years of experience in the trade, we will assist you in selecting the best roofing material based on climate conditions and the style of your home. Your new roof will be aesthetically pleasing, perfect insulation against wind and cold, and withstand extreme weather conditions such as snow, sun, and hail.

Does your roof show any of the following signs? It may be time to replace it.
  • Worn/aged, missing, damaged, or curled shingles
  • Rusted and worn eave drip
  • Damaged flashing around vents or chimneys eaves
  • Deteriorated plywood
  • Poor ventilation
  • Heat-losing skylights
  • Deteriorated valleys
  • Particles/granules falling off
  • Stains or leaks on the interior, water leakage in the attic, or ceilings of rooms below the attic
  • Changes in your heating or cooling bills

Roof Repairs
Your roof is damaged by elements over time. Elements such as weather damage or high winds from storms. Other roof damages can have a variety of causes, including:
  • Weather – Elements such as rain, snow, or hail can have long-term effects.
  • High Winds – Can lift shingles or cause fallen objects, such as trees, to fall or damage roofs.
  • Weather – Hot, cold, wet, and dry weather.
  • Age – Roofs will begin to age over time. Perform regular inspections to determine replacement or maintenance that may be needed.
  • Roof Maintenance – Perform regular inspections to assess for minor fixes or repairs.

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